Moving tips

today to talk about how often moving friends in Shanghai are thinking, in that case we still need to talk, it is best to avoid buying large furniture, but use some landlords to provide furniture and equipment when moving company in Beijing. Better not to throw away those boxes used to prepare for the next use. We'd better not intended long-term costs.

secondly how do we avoid collisions, first of all, we want to tell the moving company that can box, which is the object of protection and, if possible, we marked a good logo on the box. Some breakable or valuable items had better move by himself. Personal supervision of large appliances move some heavy or bulky furniture such as cabinets, piano should look for some workers, such as handling, and at the next command, fragile or afraid of pressure, items should be placed on the top.

third we give moving cumbersome, is the best way to sell all the old furniture, or you think there is no furniture, because some will take some furniture to discount, get rid of old appliances sold, and then used the money to buy some new appliances.