Dreams of moving makes me tired tired

a good tree, watching the bright flowers, and this is so dazzling! I left the place where I grew up, came to Beijing looking for my dream! Just over a year ago, where the trees flower, I began to dream of looking for!

a year later, and I still get nothing! No job, no House, no girlfriend! I move around every day, no moving company, no furniture and appliances, I'm just a man, and begin a long journey began a wandering life!

sometimes I feel like I was a tramp, traveling! I have no home, all day begging for handouts, looking at other people's happy life, I admire and envy!

I owned cement in the construction site in Beijing moving company did Porter, security in malls, but I don't know when I can settle down, when I am able to have a home, when I could go back and look at my parents and let them look at my future!

move this year in Beijing, I have moved home, saw a lot of new houses, also saw a lot of homeless people like me always moving, though we do not know, but we are one, coz look where the struggle, we have the strength to struggle more, there's more to our effort and hard work! Many times seeing the success of our teachers, and they have spent and frustrated, we encourage ourselves, we are dreams in life, is supported with hope, we are soul master, we will continue to work hard!