Service commitment

five service standards

1 . Safe and punctual service;

2 . One freighter love attitude is good;

3 . Light light discharge handling is good;

4 . Special requirement is good;

5 . Reasonable fees and good reputation.

residents move

1 , phone to accept service (special home valuation).

2 , consent to sign contracts, to ensure that the interests of consumers.  

3 , handling according to customer requirements on time of the day, every car is equipped with blankets, ropes, and so on, for safe removal.

4 , the arrival landing points for furniture and large put in place as required.

5 , determine the move ends, no damage, customers fill in the feedback form and make payment.

commercial buildings, enterprises moving

1 , salesman to your company for free on probation, to discuss, to provide exact pricing.

2 , consent to sign contracts, ensuring that your rights and interests.

3 , asked for cartons, packaging and other services.

4 , handling the same day dispatch, ensuring that your successful relocation.

5 , determine the move ends, no damage, make payment.