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Shanghai yongxing moved limited, some cars from its inception has developed into a certain scale of yongxing professional moving companies Shanghai yongxing, yongxing moving company, moving company, Shanghai yongxing moving companies, moving yongxing, yongxing moved, Shanghai yongxing Shanghai yongxing, moving, moving, moving and transportation companies in Shanghai. Is specialized in moving, long distance moving and transportation businesses. Business can engage in all kinds of complex lifting, handling, repair and maintenance, installation of air conditioning equipment to dredge, also participate in many schools, factories, enterprises and residential community with a full range of property management services. 1-5 tons moved by car company has more than 30 vehicles, cranes, equipped with professional air conditioning moved personnel, professional piano moving personnel for upscale furniture the protection of professional equipment.

Shanghai yongxing moving companies is one of Shanghai's well-known established moving companies, moving companies under the Shanghai jiaoyun yongxing (Group) company limited, was founded in 1998. Shanghai yongxing moved has been superior government departments gave Shanghai civilization unit, move the transport industry standard units and the five-star business, foreign labor management Advanced Unit, designated by the municipal Foreign Affairs Office Foreign Affairs mission transport services the only moving companies in Shanghai. Shanghai yongxing moving companies phone in 2002 passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Company strict management, training a large number of high-quality staff. The company "four, four satisfaction" for the purpose of service, so that customers really enjoy the public moving services. Integrity, honesty, and responsible working attitude, the majority of customers. We are pursuing is "first class service + =100% satisfaction at reasonable prices". Customer satisfaction is our greatest success!

has been guided by "serving, customer first, credibility first" business purposes, strictly fulfill "the good faith for this, the user is Supreme" principle. "Survive on quality, service and development. "Is our service philosophy of" customer first, service first "is our commitment to the community. &Nbsp;

the company puts the "life is limited, service unlimited" slogans, attracting the city's tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of government agencies, enterprises, and so on. Company business also extends outside the province, won the majority of customers trust and recognition. &Nbsp;

the company's service tenet: to provide customers with "service satisfaction, quality assured, moving mind" quality moving services.   Provide customers with "service satisfaction, quality assured, moving mind" quality moving services. &Nbsp;

service conventions: no tips, no damage, do not smoke, do not accept hospitality, on time, the light is light on time discharge, civilized operation, goods in place, reasonable rates. Point, the light is light when discharging, civilized operation, goods in place, reasonable rates. &Nbsp;

service commitments: services are not in place, without payment-----Shanghai yongxing, please bear in mind that moving is the best moving companies in